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« Forging the Mediterranean »

New writings of Ivorian Art

The urgent conversations of Côte d’Ivoire’s artists tend towards reinventing humanity. According to them, one of the main ways to achieve this is to re-humanize the Mediterranean, that symbol of our society made of barbed wire. « Forging the Mediterranean » – not in a dream, but with the strength of creative hands. Forge it in the fold of works speaking to the hearts, then engage it in a new destiny, far from the sacrificial rites of the shipwrecked – « We must demand that it be beautiful again, this Mediterranean which speaks of the ugliness of borders and which keeps the memory of brothers shipwrecked! » Jems Kokobi claims.

Exhibitors deliver artifacts won by a requirement of denunciation, of profession of human identity. It requires them to stand in front of history and, as officials, to hoist on the decks those who are denied the winds of the high seas.