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The fourteenth edition of the Dakar Biennale (Dak’Art 2022) takes a new look at contemporary creation. The economic dimension will not be left out.

Thus the Senegalese private sector intends to fully play its part in an entrepreneurial drive. After gathering nearly 250,000 visitors in 2018 including more than 50,000 from abroad, 11,000 professionals, over 3,000 creators, artists of matter, manufactures, museums, galleries, art centers, houses of excellence, foundations and institutions, the Dakar Biennale has ultimately revealed the whole richness and vitality of its confrontational and publicizing platforms for contemporary art professionals.

In view of this success and fervor, I hereby urge the world of business, our partners, to step up support for artistic creation. By supporting contemporary art, you give your team and families the opportunity to participate in an ambitious cultural project. Mobilization around the Dak’art 2022 projects will be an opportunity to create or reaffirm your company’s homegrown dynamic.

In this respect, the economic crisis must lead us to question ourselves and invent new models backed by high added value areas such as art and culture.

The challenge today is therefore to establish an effective and valuable dialogue among artists, audiences, economic stakeholders, legislators, institutions and events. Only by factoring in their proposals, expectations and own means will the Biennale-spearheaded projects embark in a drive of sustainable emergence of the creative industry.