The Biennale of Contemporary Africa Art 2022 Edition once again promises to reveal to its audiences all the quintessence and creative force of the selected artists, the originality of its general program, the values of resilience and the dynamism of art and crafts.

Indeed, long before the advent of the Covid-19 crisis, the theme of this Biennale urged us to reinvent our models, and the pandemic has made only the need to think this approach imperative and urgent. The world’s new geopolitical structures are redrawing the maps and tend to rebalance forces. In this context, African States are experiencing contradictory internal dynamics. The Dakar Biennale’s next edition is slated against this backdrop of transition to a new order, inviting usto forge a new world.

In this vein, the Dakar Biennale – for its 14th edition – has acquired a visual identity renewed and modernized. This development falls within an overall strategy to revitalize the institution’s image, designed to lay the foundations of its communication  for the years to come. By anchoring such image in the digital world, it beefs ups the consistency of its printed media, opens new entries into its programming and leverages its professional activities.

The Dakar 2022 Biennale embodies the challenge of resilience and a keen desire to sustain an event against the backdrop and implications of the COVID-19 health crisis. Forged by the success of its thirteen previous editions and the excitement of an ever-growing audience, the Dakar Biennale is the rendezvous inscribed in a committed network of contemporary creation, with which it establishes fruitful synergies.

Resolutely looking to the future, the Dakar Biennale will once again unveil the excellence of know-how exalted through a remarkable artistic approach marked by a state-of-the-art logistics and data collection system. This is part of the full realization that concrete and reliable data are necessary for cultural policy-making.