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A gem of Senegalese culture. The Senegalese Manufactures of Decorative Arts of Thiès (MSAD) contributes in promoting the country’s artists’ creativity. Works of art are thus inscribed in a guest book on the history of Senegalese tapestry pages with names and titles of works from home. Among the best known – « Grand Magal de Touba » by Papa Ibra Tall, donated by Senegal to the United Nations headquarters, « Rendez-vous au Soleil » by Jacob Yacouba, placed in the lobby of Atlanta Airport.

After fifty years of activities, with its status as a public industrial and commercial institution, the Senegalese Manufactures of Decorative Arts is planning to revitalize and position itself as an artistic and creative industry development hub in Africa.

The MSAD held a Tapestries Exhibition at the 2018 Dak’Art Biennale dedicated to the Grand Maîtres of tapestry with artists whose works were the most woven.

Based on this experience, which enabled visitors to discover the works making process, the MSAD proposes to form a partnership with the Secretariat General of the Biennale to help promote a diversified cultural and tourism offering during Dak’Art 2022.

The program is based on the following main thrusts – tapestry and ceramics exhibition and sale of diversified products; an artistic competition to select patterns to be transformed into tapestries; and themed conferences (Meetings and Exchanges).