The Doxantu project was initiated as part of the Dakar Biennale to unveil the full potential and help clean up the space of Corniche Ouest (along the Western coastal highway). In Wolof language (one of Senegal’s languages), Doxantu means stroll. Doxantu is a project that urges artists to produce monumental works of art along the Directorate of Customs to Porte Mermoz road segment. Several spaces will be delineated by a series of works (sculptures, installations, design). This spatial development project includes resting, catering and refreshment areas. Landscape spaces will also be created in a dual spirit of inclusion of florists operating along the sports course and of socialization as a space dotting of the scenery.

Doxantu is an plea for increased presence of art in public space. The project brings down the walls of galleries and museums, and moves the artist’s workshop into the street. It removes gesture that requires that citizens push a door to access creative work. It experiments value judgments that dethrone urban dwellers’ beliefs related to the artistic fact by breaking their elitist imaginary vis-à-vis art. It tests new methods of demonstration and offers multiples perspectives of reading a work. It questions the true meaning of creation in our contemporary societies the visuality and cultural consumption modes of which must be reviewed and criticized. Doxantu is an ode to Dakar, a creative city.