The 343 figure refers to a project to space sculptures devised by visual artist Ousmane Dia during the fourteenth edition of the Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art on the theme « Forger ». This monumental sculptural installation will consist of 343 pieces (7x7x7) forged by Tambacounda artisans. It will be about exploring humans and their environment in relation to others, and studying the solutions that enable them to build new relations with their neighbors. The figure 343 is therefore a reflection of the Biennale theme (Ĩ Ndaffa, Forger, Out of the fire) both figuratively and literally.

The exhibition, which goes beyond the accusation of our own irresponsibility, challenges and urges us to forge a new order that lays greater emphasis on human dignity.

The exhibition will be held alongside conferences and debates involving public and private bodies: Ministry, NGOs, Association, etc., working at improving the lives of promiscuity-stricken populations.